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We offer a full suite of fundraising solutions that is extremely successful and often exceed your fundraising expectations. Moreover, we hold charitable fundraising efforts all year long to assist selected organizations in expanding their donor base through community outreach initiated by GivingKindly’s fundraising professionals.


GivingKindly’s crowdfunding platform is the only online donation fundraising tool that includes a thank-you gift for your supporters!  Fundraisers are easy to start, have plenty of reporting and promotional tools, and give donors gifts from local and national merchants, nationwide.


Raise More Money and Engage & Retain More Donors

This turnkey crowdfunding platform makes it simple for donors to contribute to your cause, and it also provides each donor with a meaningful thank-you gift in order to encourage continued engagement and giving.

GivingKindly is designed to inspire more giving. With customization, you can add a logo, image, or video. Include a second video highlighting a local sponsor if your organization plans charitable events. Having a sponsor will allow you to look into larger, more accessible venues for your event. A wider audience means more potential supporters and financial backing.

Community & National Merchants

For business Merchants. Incorporate charitable donations into your brand. We offer a revolutionary approach to expanding your business’s reach and strengthening customer loyalty through philanthropic efforts.

Unlimited Marketing For Merchant Donors


Hosting a charity golf event is another great way to boost foot traffic and improve your philanthropic image. GivingKindly is partnered with the nation’s fastest-growing and largest charity golf event and gala supporter. We’ve made a powerful platform that not only makes events better but also helps charities and for-profit businesses make a lot more money.


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