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Whether it’s social media, news outlets, troubling world events, or our own personal challenges in life—despite the bad we hear often or the conflicts we face personally, there is so much good in the world to be shared. That’s why we collect and bring encouraging and uplifting stories to you to remind you that we’re in this together and that there are more Incredible Hearts in the world than evil ones.

With a passion for meaningful causes, we engage with nonprofits. We also seek out individuals making a difference in their communities and abroad. We talk to people who have overcome “major adversities” in their lives and share their stories of healing and the process of changing directions to bring about positive change.

We hope you will connect with us, join our online community, and read through the many examples of people doing amazing things to make a positive impact near and far. 

When you read about and see these amazing people, we hope it ignites a fire within you to duplicate them and makes you believe in the goodness of our world and all the living things in it again. If you’re having a bad day or dealing with mental highs and lows, we hope there is one, if not every story we share, that gives you the boost needed to reverse an upside-down frown.

Most importantly, we hope these stories provide a new level of awareness about what can happen when people work together for the common good.

Wait, what? Just seven, saving two individuals in a single day! When a boy said, “I’m choking,” Davyon overheard him […]

The rise in attacks on Asian Americans nationwide since the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak terrified Michelle Tran, a Chinese […]

    Nelly Cheboi discovered at a young age that her family and other people in rural Kenya who were […]

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