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Find & Support Homeless Students

In the United States, nearly 4 million people under the age of 18 were categorized as homeless in 2018, with 1.5 million of them attending school from kindergarten to grade twelve. The number of homeless students has climbed by 70% in the last ten years. As reported by public education, young ones were either:

Living in shelters, transitional housing awaiting foster care

Doubled up with another family

Living in cars, parks, campgrounds, temporary trailers, abandoned buildings, and motels

Find & Support Your PTA

Your gift will strengthen family and community engagement in schools, elevate the voices of families in critical child advocacy work and support programs that improve student outcomes. You can make a difference in the education, health and welfare of all children and youth.

Each local PTA is asked to look at its own needs every year and come up with a plan for a program that addresses those needs. Many PTAs:

  • Sponsor academic enrichment activities like field trips or after-school art, theater, music, math, and reading class

  • Help events and activities at school that get families involved to build links between home and school. 

  • Health, safety, and physical education

In recent years, the state budget has been cut in a way that has hurt a lot of people. As a result, the PTA has been filling in the gaps and helping pay for things like classroom supplies and equipment, librarians, and school nurses.

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