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Transaction Fee: 

Fundraising in a safe and secure manner is our top priority. We have teamed up with Stripe and other market-leading payment processors to accept and send your donations.

Each donation is automatically deducted from the transaction fee. It pays for credit and debit fees, makes sure donations get to us safely, and lets us offer more ways to give, like credit, debit, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.


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“We want to make it possible for organizations, groups, and individuals to raise more money, keep more of it, and donate more than they could with any other online fundraising platform. After all, we want to see that you succeed in whatever it is that you’re shooting for. GivingKindly is an innovative form of online fund-raising that is open to youth groups, and charitable organizations all over the United States. The platform was created to be a wiser method to raise money in a way that is both easier and more effective.



No fee to start a fundraising campaign


GivingKindly supports homeless families and unaccompanied youth 13-18. Your contribution is greatly appreciated, but it’s never required. See here for details

2.9% +$0.03

A one time credit card transaction fee that is automatically deducted from each donation

Donations to GivingKindly

We care about making sure that everyone gets the help they need, which is why we don’t charge a fee to start a fundraiser. Instead, we accept donors’ voluntary contributions, which are always appreciated but never required. We use all donations to support national campaigns that we run throughout the year. Furthermore, your contributions enable us to provide powerful and dependable fundraising tools, customer service, and a dedicated and dependable team of experts.
Exclusive GivingKindly Fundraising Campaigns

Exclusive Giving Kindly Fundraising Campaigns

We unite individuals and organizations that care, want to see change, and are prepared to make a difference,

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