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NO Child Choose to Live
in Poverty or to
be homeless


Join other businesses nationwide in supporting this important movement.
As we know, the homeless crisis is negatively affecting communities, businesses, and families throughout the country.

It is our time to step up and be the change!

Acts-Of-Kindness Can Boost Your Mental And Physical Health

According to research and science, performing daily acts of kindness can reduce pain, stress, depression, anxiety, even high blood pressure.

Racism Is A Pandemic

Racism is a Pandemic and Compassion Could Lead to the Cure Black Americans are fighting against two battles—COVID-19 and the deeply rooted racism of America.

Why Are Donations Important?

The Real Reasons Why Donations Are Important For Nonprofits and Charities If you’ve been feeling unfulfilled either with your job, or home life, or even

5 Impactful Ways Your Business Benefits From Giving Back

In recent years, there’s been an ongoing push to support small businesses by “shopping small,” and rightfully so. Locally-owned companies create a sense of community,


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