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Tools to Help You Increase Donations Quickly and Easily

Before you start your Wishlist campaign and outreach to get supporters, give your request some thought and consideration.
For example:

  • Including your Wishlist in your normal fundraising efforts is a good idea. The Wishlist should mix in with the rest of your fundraising activities, even though you aren’t asking for monetary donations. You should promote the Wishlist just like any other campaign. Include it on your website, in your newsletters, and in other marketing materials.

  • Provide your supporters with a variety of items to choose from your list, and be sure to limit your list to items that are in high demand at your organization. It’s tough to get people excited about buying office supplies. Contributors are more likely to support your cause when they know their donations are benefiting people you’re helping, whether it’s animals, children, or cancer patients.


Storytelling is key!

Make your gratitude known. In general, express your gratitude to everyone who has contributed to your cause whether current or in the past. You may not always know who is donating, therefore let the community know how their gifts and donations have benefited your organizations’ purpose and mission. 

Setup Instructions

Use the Incredible Hearts online wishlist tool if your nonprofit, school, or charity wants to find a unique way to get donors and supporters involved. Wishlists can not only be used to make money throughout the year but also to quickly get all of the things you need to reach your goals.

Share Your Wishlist

Make an announcement on your website, social media, and blog. Be sure to include your customized Wishlist link on your website (preferably the home page) and social media posts, directing potential donors to your Wishlist.

Share on Social Media

Social media is a great way to get the word out. We recommend Facebook and Twitter for your Wishlist campaign.   
  1. Prompt current donors to give more monthly and attract new donors. 

  2. Retain your monthly donors.

  3. Achieve increases in donors’ monthly gifts.

Sample Letter to Donors

We’ve partnered with Incredible Hearts, a premier Online directory for nonprofits, schools, and philanthropic organizations. This collaboration enables us to easily collect the donations and commodities we require for our {INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME OR CAUSE} this season.

Sample Announcement

We have found an easy and meaningful way for our supporters to contribute to those in need. It’s a unique initiative for nonprofits like ours at {INSERT ORGANIZATION} that will help us meet, and possibly exceed our goals.

Receiving and Giving In-Kind Donations made easy

The Wishlist initiative lets organizations fundraise year-round and quickly collect the things they need.

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