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Incredible Hearts Wishlist Connection

Nonprofits and public schools rely on fundraising efforts to carry out their specific missions. Receiving cash donations is always helpful because it allows you to spend it on supplies and other necessities for the people you serve. However, not everyone wishes to make a monetary donation if there is an option to fulfill a Wishlist. Creating and distributing a Wishlist to your community effectively boosts your fundraising efforts and expedites the delivery of the supplies you require.

Incredible Hearts, our parent company, has developed a special program for charitable nonprofits called Incredible Hearts Wishlist Connection. This program allows you to create a charity list where buyers can search for and purchase items for your organization; items are delivered directly to you.

You must be an approved 501(c)(3) organization and create a FREE account before you can create a charity list.

The Wishlist program allows organizations to not only fundraise year round, but also to quickly collect the goods needed to accomplish their goals — no waiting. Our Wishlist Connection give you access to thousands of products that ships in bulk quantities. 

Examples include…

Receiving and Giving In-Kind Donations made easy

The Wishlist initiative lets organizations fundraise year-round and quickly collect the things they need.

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